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Our main competences

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Stagemobil S is our smallest mobile stage with an area of 17 m². With measurements of 4.40 m x 3.75 m, it can be set up by one person in just 15 minutes and is perfectly suitable for smaller events. An ideal platform for speeches, solo entertainers, DJs or small bands, for beer gardens and all small events.


Stagemobil L, our bestseller, is easy to operate, can be set up by one person in 20 minutes and is available in a choice of two formats. In addition to its expected high quality, it also stands out with its flexibility and suitability for any event. Quote from a customer: “It’s an all-singing, all-dancing, all-rounder stage!”


Stagemobil LR, the fantastic semi-circular version of Stagemobil L with a stage size of 7 m x 6.10 m, can be operated and set up by one person and is ready to use in just 45 minutes. This distinctive semi-circular stage will really look the part at your event.


Stagemobil XL, with its preferred stage size of 8 m x 6 m, complies with the event industry’s standards. This model is ideal for medium-sized events or as a second stage at big festivals. And it can be set up by just one person in just 30 minutes.


Stagemobil XXL with a stage area of 61 m² is ideal for larger events and festivals. A mobile stage that leaves the organisers plenty of options for lighting and sound and, even with a stage size of 10 m x 6.10 m, it can be set up by one person in just 30 minutes.


Stagemobil XLR is our large semi-circular stage, a visually appealing variation with a stage size of 9 m x 6.10 m, which offers an excellent setting for events ranging from rock to classical. This mobile stage with a stage area of 55 m² meets the highest standards.

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Benefit from quality – Made in Germany

When it comes to the production of our mobile stages, we can look back on around 90 years of experience with Karl Eckart Fahrzeugbau GmbH. With this solid foundation of expertise in vehicle construction, we have been manufacturing mobile stages for many years now and have established ourselves worldwide with our STAGEMOBIL stages. Satisfied customers are our utmost priority!

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Our Stages

Our vision is to provide high-quality stages that can be set up in next to no time by just one person and which have a high life expectancy and level of operational safety.

made in Germany

Continuous product innovation, meticulous quality management (certified in accordance with the European standard EN 1090), as well as the continuous optimisation of existing systems, make every Stagemobil a reliable fixture at any event. On the basis of our manufacturer certification and the associated welding certificates for aluminium and steel, we guarantee our customers an extremely efficient and professional production. We don’t just make stages, we live and breathe Stagemobil and will find the perfect solution for every special request!

our team

Our team is here to provide you with support and will be happy to answer all of your questions, ranging from how we implement special solutions to marketing. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

Customer service

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We deal with your requests and will continue to guarantee the provision of replacement parts for all our models in the future. If you provide us with the identification number of your Stagemobil, we will guarantee the prompt delivery of replacement parts.

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Breaking News

Read the latest news from the company and our partners. Here you will also see the exhibitions where we are represented with our products.

23 Feb, 2016

Meet us at Pro Light and Sound

Come and visit at Europe’s biggest exhibition for sound, light and stage equipment – The Pro Light and Sound exhibition. We always bring something new and this year is no difference – we have lined up the brand new Stagemobil LR – is is a Stagemobil L with a round bow roof and we cant […]

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30 Oct, 2015

Showman’s Show Newbury / England

End of October the Showman’s Show held in Newbury. The team with Jürgen Eckart, our partner from the US Mike Laino and our partners Jörg Gaide-Harringe and the Danskmobilscene Team was the prospects for two days speech and answer.

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30 Oct, 2015

Stagemobil Team travel to Dusseldorf and Cologne

End of August made the entire Stagemobil team a company outing to Dusseldorf and Cologne. A wonderful opportunity for two days to spend a lot of time out of work with colleagues.

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